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Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

In 1881, when our trade was in its infancy, one out of every two electrical workers was killed at the trade. In 1890, our founders came together with other electrical workers at the St. Louis Expo, and in 1891 the IBEW was born. Its first objective was to create a death benefit for its members and their families. The second was to establish safety and training. The IBEW Constitution compels us in its Objects to organize all electrical workers in every branch of the electrical industry.

The more that electrical workers organized, the better chance they had of improving wages and benefits for all. We have come a long way, and today we enjoy the benefits of being a highly skilled and trained workforce who goes home safely to our families every night. We need to be vigilant and must continue to help the non-union electrical workers who continue to be exploited by unscrupulous employers who only care about their own profits. We are reminded by our new International President Ken Cooper that it is our mission to stay true to the IBEW Constitution and our responsibilities, in order to protect our standards by helping to organize those less fortunate than us.