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A Message from Business Manager Chris Erikson

I want to thank all of the volunteers who have been working hard over the last few weeks to elect Tom Suozzi. This race is an all-out sprint toward Election Day on Tuesday, February 13th, with early voting starting this Saturday, February 3rd. Hundreds of volunteers from our Union have been phone banking, attending rallies, and knocking on doors to remind our members and their neighbors how important this election is and why we need to fix the disaster that the extreme MAGA Republicans have brought to Congress in Washington, D.C. The first and foremost priority is replacing George Santos, the fraudster who brought a new low to everything a respected member of Congress should be. He was an embarrassment and intentionally duped those who voted for him, even if someone only voted for him because he was the name on the Republican Party line. Look where that led to, so let’s not be duped again.

Our Union is supporting a moderate, common-sense candidate who for the last few weeks has been disparaged by the National Republican Campaign Committee desperate to hold onto their slim majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. But more importantly, it seems the majority of these Republicans are scared to death to cross Donald Trump. He continues to exploit the hold he has on them by having his supporters bury them if they dare to cross or question him and his extreme MAGA agenda – an agenda which directly hurts your economic security. When politicians compromise their own values just to keep their jobs, they have sold their souls and their obligation to do what is right for the American people who elected them. It is exactly what a dictatorship looks like.

What I’m talking about, and what we need, is a willingness to compromise to fix the problems that ordinary Americans are dealing with. Problems that we can fix, if both parties are willing to compromise and find common-sense solutions that neither side might be 100% happy with but are solutions nonetheless. If the extreme MAGA right or the extreme Democratic Socialist left agendas based on "their way or no way" prevail, then the moderates and the majorities of citizens in both parties lose. America loses. If we recognize how important this challenge is and we fulfill our responsibility to do our part to fix this, to make our voices heard, then we vote and support candidates like Tom Suozzi who will get it done. Voting is sacred. Early voting starts this Saturday, February 3rd, so fulfill your responsibility.

There will be a labor rally at 12:00 noon on Saturday to kick off early voting in Levittown. I urge every member who lives in this district to come to the rally and join as Labor moves as one bloc to go and vote at a nearby polling location. Let’s show our strength! Harry used to remind us that Election Day is the day that the workers are the bosses. Let’s show them who the bosses are for our sake, for our families, and for America.