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In this month’s issue of The Electrical Worker, the IBEW put a spotlight on the renewable energy sector and the ongoing surge of IBEW jobs in solar, wind, and battery storage projects aided and funded by pro-union provisions in the federal Inflation Reduction Act. The IBEW also paid tribute to retirees, including past members of Local 3, and announced the release of new retiree membership cards for all “A” members moving forward as an act of appreciation for years of service.

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in June 1944, the IBEW shared the stories of union members who had active combat roles – one of whom was Richard Gallagher of Local 3. Read more about Richard Gallagher and other IBEW members who served on D-Day.

There is also the story of past Local 3 member Donald Dimmock, whose “ink-stained tribute” made it to the pages of his former employer, The New York Times, after he passed away in March at the age of 79. For the better part of 33 years until his retirement in 2001, Dimmock was the general foreman of the NYT’s electrical department, hence the title of his obituary, “The Man Who Kept the Times’s Lights On.”

Finally, the Retirees section of the June 2024 Electrical Worker features both the Nassau County and Suffolk County chapters of Local 3 retirees. To submit an article to the Local Lines or Retirees sections, please email or visit If you would like to update your address to receive the print edition in the mail, please use this form.

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