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As the governor’s race heats up, Congressman Tom Suozzi and his running mate, Diana Reyna, have been garnering popular support and rallying with New Yorkers across the state, starting right here with Local 3 in New York City.

On Saturday, April 23, Suozzi rallied with Local 3 members, other unions, and neighborhood residents at three events across Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

At the Electrical Industry Center on the evening of Monday, April 25, Local 3 hosted a fundraiser for Suozzi’s campaign for Governor. Local 3 was joined by our sister Locals from Long Island with Local 25 and Local 1049 both attending. President Thomas J. Cleary and Assistant Business Manager Chris Erikson Jr. thanked everyone in attendance and introduced Suozzi to deliver his remarks. Suozzi spoke strongly about working people’s concerns and Albany’s failures to address them.

Click here to watch the CBS News report about voter disapproval of Governor Kathy Hochul, which has reenergized her opponents in this race.

At this point in the election with the primary only a month away, every day presents an opportunity to support Suozzi and Local 3’s, candidates. Early voting begins on June 18 until June 26 and Election Day is June 28.