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The Electrical Workers Death Benefit Society (EWDBS) 85th annual meeting was called to order on Thursday, February 10th in the JIB Auditorium. Local 3 members in attendance voted to temporarily suspend the General Membership Meeting and commence the EWDBS meeting and election process. The incumbent slate of ten Directors was nominated and re-elected, as no competing nominations were declared.

Treasurer Damon Armstrong delivered the 2023 annual report, including a history and overview of the EWDBS. Established on January 1, 1940, the EWDBS is overseen by four Officers elected every two years and 20 members on the Board of Directors, ten of whom are elected every year. The dues premium at the time of its founding was $1.70 per month and today it is $2.20 per month. The death benefit provides 100 percent of the face value of the certificate, which doubles the beneficiary benefit, in addition to plans managed through the Joint Industry Board and the IBEW Pension Benefit Fund. The EWDBS meeting was adjourned and the General Membership meeting reconvened with regular business.

To confirm your benefit and beneficiary information or if you have any other questions, please call (718) 591-4400. The form to update or change your beneficiary is available on Local 3’s website. It must be completed, signed, notarized, and received by the EWDBS in a timely manner.