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Employment Department Updates

  1. The Joint Industry Board has added a QR code to all new job tickets. The QR code will direct you to a prompt that has two (2) questions: Supervision Interest and Allowable Deductions.

  2. The Employment Department has sent new termination books to the employers. The slips contain the email address to send the copy to if you choose to do it electronically. EVERYONE must file with Employment without delay. It is part of the member’s responsibility to do so.

  3. Upon termination, please go to the JIB website to fill out a skill sheet if you prefer not to come in person.

  4. The Employment Department is looking for members with a CDL. If you have one, please reach out (call 718-591-2000 ext. 1490 or email Additionally, please update your file with the Employment Department regarding any new certifications or certificates.