Date Posted

Thomas J. Cleary was sworn in as President of Local 3 effective November 25.

The Electrical Worker Death Benefit Society elected new members: Leonard McCullagh, Thomas Mohan, Tricia Neu, Angel Corchado, Dennis McSpedon Jr.

According to CBA, employers must ask new hires if they are interested in becoming a foreman or supervisor in an effort to increase diversity. Call the Construction Desk (718)591-4000 if employers are violating this or any other stipulation in the CBA.

January 31st deadline for the William Nawrocky Scholarship. Get applications from the E&C Fund.

The CBA covering Westchester & Fairfield will expire on April 22, 2020, and negotiations will begin shortly.

Full SST compliance for Local Law 196 is due by September, 2020. 1,400 members still need SST cards.

Endorsed Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal (D-Kew Gardens Hills) for re-election and contributed $2,500 to re-election campaign.

Proposed bylaw change to Expeditor Helper position (creating an Expeditor 1 & Expeditor 2).

Weekly deduction for NYS Family Leave: 10 weeks and $840 per week starting January 1 and $2.01 member contribution going up to $2.90 in 2020