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On behalf of Local 3, Assistant Business Manager Joseph Santigate and SIEC Vice President Robert Holst met with Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella at Borough Hall on Monday, March 13. Fossella was elected Borough President in November 2021 and assumed the office in January 2022, and before that he was the Congressman from the 13th District as well as a former City Councilman.

Local 3 used the opportunity to discuss our shared interests on Staten Island. Assistant Business Manager Santigate communicated Local 3’s commitment to improving the communities where its members live and work.

The issues of renewable energy, workforce development, and how they fit into the future of Staten Island were important topics for both our union and the Borough President’s office. Local 3 expressed the need for good jobs and how that will help young people to be able to afford homes on Staten Island. The meeting closed with a pledge from both our union and the Borough President to find ways to work together to ensure our members as well as all working people can continue to call Staten Island home.