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The Supervision Training Course has returned as of January 30. It is a two-night curriculum, which provides the groundwork for those interested in becoming or growing into future Forepersons. We welcome back our instructors: Robert McCloskey, Phillip Greenfield, Anthony Ranieri, Stanley Komorowski, George Silva, Joseph Giordano, Paul Mosley, Leonard Harrington, and Jose Molina.

The course discusses the qualities one needs to be a successful foreperson. It outlines the responsibilities for a foreperson from the start to finish of a project. The course emphasizes the relationships you build with all involved with the project from Superintendent, Shop Steward, Office staff to customer and how to develop these relationships for success. One of the most important tenets of the course is constantly reaffirming the responsibility of the foreperson to represent Local 3 in the most professional of manners while making the contractors profitable.

The course finishes with the foreperson’s most important responsibility: the safety of those on the project. There is a focus on what is expected of a foreperson and what the minimum safety courses one must have to get a foreperson’s ticket.

This course lays the foundation for those who want to be a foreperson and is the prerequisite for the upcoming Foreperson Boot Camp. The Boot Camp will be a 5 night more intensive course focusing on certain topics to allow individuals a well-rounded understanding of the whole project process. We look forward to having all aspiring journeypersons take the class. If interested, contact the Educational & Cultural Trust Fund Department at 718-591-2000 ext.1500 to sign up for the class.